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What’s New in Ideate Software?

Ideate Software tools are purpose-built to let you access, manage, control, find, and filter all your Revit data with ease. All around the world, our customers are finding better ways to use each of Ideate Software’s Revit plugins to save time, enhance quality control, and collaborate between teams and departments.

Why use Ideate Software Tools on your Autodesk Revit Models?

Ideate Software is all about helping you manage your BIM data, whether you're a daily Revit user or a BIM manager — even, in some cases, a non-Revit user.

Is easy to install and deploy for both stand-alone and network options
Provides top-notch support by a team of technical experts
Offers in-depth Help files covering frequently asked questions and detailed workflows
Constantly tests its products to ensure that Revit integrity is protected
Makes tools that are stable, reliable, and trustworthy

Ideate Software Solutions

ideate bimlink

Import/Export Revit Data To/From Microsoft Excel - Control Your Revit Data with Precision and Speed

Linking Revit and Excel with Ideate BIMLink enables you to export data from Revit to Excel, streamlining data management tasks and dramatically reducing the time they take to perform. Importing data from Excel to Revit means that your models will be instantly updated with all changes, making them clean and correct. 

ideate sticky

Easily Link, Import, Integrate and Format Non-BIM Data into Revit Projects

Ideate Sticky for Revit combines the ease and flexibility of Excel, Word and PDF editing with the convenience of a sticky note. Use Ideate Sticky to elegantly connect non-BIM data from an Excel, Word or PDF document into Revit projects, enhancing cross-team workflows.

ideate explorer 2

Audit BIM Models With Certainty

Revit professionals keep their models clean and accurate with the Ideate Explorer Revit add-on software. When using this model browser, as opposed to a project browser, users decrease the time they spend on model management, increase the accuracy of their models, and reduce file space.

ideate apps 2

Simplify Everyday Revit Tasks with Efficiency and Elegance

IdeateApps is a set of Revit plugins designed to give users easy access to the data in their models, so they can reduce the time they spend verifying and manipulating that data. IdeateApps will decrease the time spent on common tasks and increase the accuracy of BIM data in a Revit model, helping to keep projects of all sizes and complexities on time and on budget. 

ideate stylemanager 2

Analyze, Delete or Merge Non-standard Revit Styles with Ideate StyleManager - A Popular Revit Plugin

This Revit plugin addresses the challenges that arise when Revit users load or import content into the model, because the corresponding styles automatically come with the content. Proper management of these styles reduces publishing errors and end-user confusion, but the management process in Revit can be time consuming and risky, and errors can dramatically impact the models and production documents.

How Ideate Software Works?

Ideate BIMLink Overview 

Ideate Explorer Overview 

Ideate Sticky Overview 

Ideate StyleManager Overview 

Ideate Apps Overview 

Building Dreams to Reality 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are Revit plug-in tools?

Experience the power of the Ideate Software Revit plug-in tools that add functionality requested by Revit users that isn’t included in the native software. The cumulative time-saving advantage means more than hours freed. You gain unprecedented access to the Revit data you need. Ideate Software’s pro Revit plug-in tools help eliminate the ‘double handling’ of data, so you reduce the chance of manual errors, avoid related costly on-site delays, and eliminate error-based rework.

 What is the benefit of subscribing to all Ideate Software Revit plug-in tools in one bundle?

Spend more time on creative design activities and less on model management by subscribing to all tried and proven Ideate Software Revit plug-in tools in one bundle:

  • Eliminate time-consuming data entry tasks by editing model data in Excel with Ideate BIMLink

  • Keep Revit models working smoothly by auditing them regularly with Ideate Explorer

  • Ensure all team members have current code information, client requests, contractor updates, etc., by live-linking Excel, Word and PDF documents to Revit projects using Ideate Sticky

  • Reduce publishing errors and end-user confusion by managing styles with Ideate StyleManager

  • Streamline tasks performed most often by daily Revit users with IdeateApps

What are the uses of pro Revit tools?

Ideate Software’s plugins open a wide, safe door for collaboration between Revit and non-Revit users. Improved speed and accuracy of data flow as well as enhanced workflows have a way of stretching those limited per-project hours and saving dollars. Our solutions encompass the performance improvements industry professionals have requested. We make sure our BIM data management solutions are robust and our updates are meaningful and frequent.


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