To adapt to the ever-changing world, the construction industry is always actively adopting new technologies. As a year old consultant engineer, I find that with the rise of cloud-based construction management software, namely Autodesk Construction Cloud, more and more construction companies are coming to realize the benefits of digitizing their workflows.

This Autodesk software is a comprehensive platform that provides a suite of solutions for construction management, speaking from experience, it’s certainly helped me and my construction teams improve our productivity in many ways.

Let’s hop right into the article and explore five ways Autodesk Construction Cloud can help you with your construction projects.

  1. Centralized project data

One of the biggest benefits of Autodesk Construction Cloud is its ability to centralize project data. Having all project-related information stored in one place, construction teams can easily access and share data with one another, reducing the need to enter data manually, and therefore improving collaboration. In other words, everyone on the project team has access to the same information at the same time. This can reduce errors and misunderstandings, which as a result, increases productivity. 

  1. Real-time collaboration

What if your colleague is in another state or country? Don’t worry, as Autodesk Construction Cloud allows construction teams to seamlessly collaborate in real-time, regardless of their location. Those working on the same construction project can use the platform to communicate, share files, connect workflows, and work together on designs, all in real-time. This means that changes can be made quickly and efficiently, reducing delays, communication cost, and ultimately improving productivity.

  1. Automated workflows

Another cool thing Autodesk Construction Cloud does is that it leverages AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) to help automate workflows, reducing the need for manual data entry and repetitive tasks. As a result, you are able to focus on more high-value activities, such as planning and problem-solving, to improve the overall work quality and productivity, rather than spending time on administrative tasks.

  1. Improved project management

With Autodesk Construction Cloud, you can manage all aspects of the project from a single platform. This includes managing budgets, schedules, and resources, as well as tracking project progress and identifying areas for improvement. This level of transparency, visibility and control helps construction teams make more informed decisions and keep projects on track.

  1. Mobile access

The Autodesk Construction Cloud app is available for you to access project data and collaborate with your team members from your mobile device, whether you’re on the job site or on the go. This level of flexibility and mobility helps construction teams stay connected and productive, regardless of their location and time zone.

To sum it all up, Autodesk Construction Cloud is a powerful construction management platform that can help construction teams improve their productivity in a number of ways. From centralizing project data to enabling real-time collaboration and automating workflows, the software can help construction teams work more efficiently and effectively, eventually leading to better project outcomes.

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Nur Aqilah Rashidi
Nur Aqilah Rashidi

Aqilah is BIMAGE Malaysia’s Technical Consultant Engineer with expertise in Autodesk Construction Cloud (ACC). She has been in the engineering industry for a year.

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